Comments back up

So, I enabled comment verification recently to help handle the tons of comment spam to All Consuming accounts. At the same time I started aggressively banning IPs. Things have gotten better so I removed verification. But comment links should have always shown up. Not sure what’s happened.
**New note. OK, I just figured out what’s going on. I’m beta testing MarsEdit and somehow it appears to be cutting out Comment and Trackback links. I’ve registered the bug with Ranchero.**


One Comment on “Comments back up”

  1. I’m not totally sure what the bug is, yet — but there are a couple things to let you know that might fix the situation:
    1. If you open the settings window for your weblog — double-click it in the weblogs drawer — there’s a tab named “Defaults” where you can set the defaults for allowing trackbacks and comments.
    2. When you’re writing (or editing) a post, you can click the Options button in the toolbar to open the options drawer, where you can change the settings for comments and allowing trackbacks. (This changes the settings for just that post.)