NetNewsWire 2.0 beta

I’ve been waiting for this release all summer. Lots of cool features. Here’s one that stood out for me:

Script Subscriptions
Script subscriptions are scripts—written in AppleScript, Perl, Python, and other languages—that generate RSS or Atom feeds. NetNewsWire runs the scripts and then displays the results just like any other feed.

What you might use it for? A simple script subscription might watch a drop folder on your hard drive. When something new appears in the folder, it appears as a new item in NetNewsWire. Another script might talk to a database on your local network. Or display the items in your email app’s inbox. Or show you recent check-ins to your source control system, or the last ten items in your system log.

Whatever information you can grab with a script, if you can turn it into a feed, you can display it in NetNewsWire. It’s very much open to your creativity.

Do I hear Auto Blogs? 🙂

Another nifty feature is Show Dinosaurs. It shows any feeds that haven’t been updated in over 30 days. Anyone feeling guilty?

Lots to play with. There’s even a new stand alone weblog editor (which I created this post with). I’ll report on thoughts later. Suffice to say, for day to day work, I’ll take a real OS app like this over a browser based app any day of the week.