Santiago Calatrava

Any Seattle architecture fans out there should note that the Henry Art Gallery has a show right now featuring the work of Santiago Calatrava. He’s the number one architect in the world by my opinion. What makes him unique is having a PHD in civil & structural engineering in addition to a degree in architecture. It’s a very unique combination which has made him equally well known for his bridges as well as buildings. His latest project in the US a new subway station(PowerPoint) part of the new World Trade Center project.

If you’re going to go, I’d recommend stopping by on Thursdays which are free. It’s a pretty small show so $8 might be a bit steep for some for a 15-30 minute exhibit. FYI, he’s rumored to be coming to Seattle to speak at the UW in November. That would be a fun lecture.

To learn some more about Calatrava, check out this Wired interview or his firm’s website.