So far, I haven’t really found much use for social networking services like Orkut. I set up an account about six months ago as a bunch of coworkers where all setting up accounts with new connections being made almost daily. Then it dried up. After I created my account, I haven’t logged on since.

I just read about Mediachest today. Basically, you post your collection of media items (books, DVDs, music, video games) and share out your collection with your friends for them to borrow. Josh has talked about this idea before and now seeing this thing in action, I think he was spot on. Never saw the dating potential in this sort of idea either. Though, I’m not sure how they plan to make money. Maybe eventually there will bee a subscription fee?

In any event, I haven’t really explored Mediachest in any detail but if say Orkut or Friendster had this sort of feature, it would certainly give me a reason to return regularly to see what new stuff is available in my network. Cool idea.


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  1. Greg Linden says:

    Interesting idea. On a related note, have you seen Peerflix? They’re like some combination of Mediachest and Netflix.
    I was actually working on a business case for a similar service few months before Peerflix launched. Got to execute quickly these days.

  2. I didn’t much care for Orkut either. At my latest check, the seventeen coworkers marked as friends have linked me to over 1.1 million people. And still I can’t find a date.
    But last week I did get an email from someone on Orkut asking if I was the same person he went to high school with in Caracas. Well, yes, I was, and so I’ve recently gotten back in touch with a good friend from the old stomping grounds. I guess that’s one success for Orkut.