Howard Schultz on entrepreneurialism

Caught a program I haven’t seen yet on PBS tonight. Roadtrip Nation is documentary about college kids getting into some crazy green RV and doing a road trip across the US. The cool thing about the trip is they interview folks from lots of different backgrounds to learn how they got where they got to in life. What a great thing for a 20 something to do!

Anyway, I found some comments by Howard Schultz interesting:

Being successful on your own I don’t think can happen without an unbridled level of enthusiasm around doing something you really, really love.

Have the courage to dream big and most importantly don’t allow anyone to tell you or convince you that your dreams can’t come true. There are so many people out there who are older than a college student who for the last ten or twenty years are bitter and angry at the world or others and at the end of the day what they are really angry at is themselves because they did not follow their dreams and they sacrificed and they settled and they woke up one day and they realized their life was about mediocrity.

I think it’s really important post the tragedy of September 11th and the challenges of the economy and the pressures of graduating college today, to ask yourself ‘what really are my dreams?’ It doesn’t have to be about being a very successful business person. It can be about anything, ‘what are my dreams?

Neat. Here’s a short video clip of part of the interview.