Average selling prices on Ebay

I’ve been trying to bid on a Iomega CD-RW for my sister on Ebay. The particular model I’ve been looking at is an old one that I don’t think is worth much more than about $35. But I keep getting out bid. I’m continuously amazed at how much items fetch at Ebay. I think there’s something about competing with others that pushes prices up to levels you really weren’t willing to spend. But that’s a separate conversation.

Any how, what I thought would be a nifty Ebay feature would be to give selling statistics about items. For example, it would be great to find out the average selling price for the Iomega I was looking at. Maybe I’m way off in my expectations. Other statistics I could think of: high/low sales numbers, average price for various condition levels of the item, sell through (how often and how fast do they sell), all current items available for sale, reviews of the item, links to the manufacturer page (like for driver downloads or technical information). Of course sellers would find this sort of information super helpful too. In essence, it would be creating an Amazon style detail page for every product on Ebay. Amazing they haven’t done something like this yet.


2 Comments on “Average selling prices on Ebay”

  1. joe says:

    Of course those features would require some kind of item authority. By now, you have to wonder if/why eBay is deliberately avoiding having item authority.

  2. Greg Linden says:

    I’m continuously amazed at how much items fetch at Ebay.Yep. It’s called winner’s curse.