Hired to be disruptive

Interesting excerpt on hiring at Pixar from the latest Wired:

When [Brad] Bird first began talking to Pixar, Toy Story and A Bug’s Life were already successes. “Any company in Hollywood would have had the attitude, We’ve got it all figured out, let’s go print some money, jump in the limo full of cocaine, and go crazy,” says Bird. Instead, Pixar courted him because it knew, on some level, that he’d be an unsettling influence. When Jobs, Lasseter, and Catmull approached Bird they said, “The only thing we’re afraid of is getting complacent. We need to bring in outside people so we keep throwing ourselves off balance,” recalls Bird. “So I was brought here to cause a certain amount of disruption. I’ve been fired for being disruptive several times, but this is first time I’ve been hired for it.”

What I’ve noticed in corporate America is that you get ahead by toeing the party line. Nice to see some companies encourage a difference of opinion or should I say, “a party line not to follow the party line.”