iTunes RSS Feed Generator

Nifty new tool for generating RSS feeds to keep track of what’s new in your favorite music genre at the iTunes music store. I subscribe to several RSS feeds from Amazon and they kind of suck – – not much action. Curious to see how often there’s activity in the five iTunes lists I generated.


3 Comments on “iTunes RSS Feed Generator”

  1. Erik Benson says:

    First impressions? I seem to be getting plenty of new items, but so far there haven’t been any that I’d consider purchasing.

  2. What we need, is an RSS generator for our “recently played” smartlist — like a personal real time playlist — that links back to our streamable music. Since about 2% of what I’m interested in listening to can be bought at the itunes music store the idea of RSS for mainstream new releases is, lame. How could apple get it so right, but leave out so many indies in their store?

  3. Andrej Gregov says:

    I’ve been seeing about 2-4 new items show up across the various lists I’ve subscribed so far. Nothing that I was interested in at all. These feeds are really crying for some personalization. I’ve bought about half a dozen albums since the music store’s launch. They should be pushing recommendations to me based on those purchases.
    I do believe indie titles will get there soon. When I heard the name “Garage Band” I thought it was a reference for real garage bands to be able to upload their alubms to the Music store for sale. Couple that with discovery features, and there could be some increadible new music finds at the store not to mention a dent in the music industry’s monopoly in distribution.