GA wireframe

I’ve finally started to work on a website design for my parents architectural firm. I started out drawing out a wireframe by hand. After the 20th time to the eraser, I decided to try using OnmiGraffle. Very nice app. Put’s Viso to shame. There are definitely some quirks. But not bad for a few developers.

Anyway, getting the site wireframed electronically was definitely the way to go. Makes it super easy to move stuff around. Omni offers a decent wireframe stencil but I found out about it too late to use it significantly. So, I just drew out all the pages by hand. Doubt it took longer though.

The one thing I made sure to include in my wireframe was text colored hyper-links. Everyone knows what a blue link is which makes it easier to distinguish from headers or images. I left the images and header labels non colored otherwise the whole page would look all blue. But all the images will be clickable. The last thing I did was to give some basic idea of movement on the site. I found the more arrows I drew, the more confusing the wireframe became. So, I left just the very basics in place.

Now off to the design department at work to get some feedback (hopefully minus this Dilbert effect).