Quote tagging

I’ve been on this kick lately at work about thinking about methods to ease the parsing of complex web pages (to the exasperation of my directs :-). Stumbled across this interesting note about tagging quotes.

I’m definitely guilty of scanning newspaper articles and just looking at block quotes to save having to read the whole article. Wouldn’t it be cool (as Adrian Holovaty suggests) if newspaper based websites had an option to highlight quotes? Sure would make it easy to scan an article. While you might not necessarily get full comprehension of an article, sometimes you don’t care. A quick glance is all you want.

Wonder if authors could take this a step further and highlight key sentences or passages in their books online? Usually newspaper articles that have highlighted some content eventually draw me in into the article. Might be a way to sell more books? Maybe the first few chapters is all you would need. That certainly would have made following people posting their NaNoWriMo easier.