TiVo season pass for a person

I’ve commented from time to time on the notion of the network being the computer. Here’s an interesting new take I just stumbled across in this Wired article:

What happens when you start seeing the Web as a matrix of minds, not documents?

Networks based on trust become an essential tool. You start evaluating the relevance of data based not on search query results but on personal testimonies. (“This page is useful because six minds I admire have found it useful.”) You can research ideas or breaking news by querying the 10 people whose opinions on the topic you most value…

Pretty interesting thinking about the web organized around people rather than documents. Seems kind of abstract. But this note from the article totally hits home:

On a day-to-day basis, I am more intimately aware of the latest happenings in the world of my 10 favorite bloggers than I am of what’s going on with my closest friends.

The notion of (in effect) getting a TiVo style season pass for people’s opinions and thoughts I care about is a pretty cool concept. But people need to pay to play, so to speak. That is, pay with posting thoughts and opinions somewhere where anyone can get at it – – today that would be blogs. There definitely needs to be a crossing the chasm type event to get real forward movement for the web becoming more people centric. There’s a bunch of activity right now in the social networking space. But I have yet to see the killer idea.