Fascinating captain

All right we all do it. So, I had to check how I’m looking in Google.

#1 for “andrej gregov” (up from #2). #1 result for “gregov.” #4 result for “musing.” #10 result for “andrej” (didn’t even register there a month and a half ago).

The weird thing about this experiment is that I went down from #1 for “musing” to #4 within 60 seconds, the time it took me to get the URL to post in this blog. For “Andrej,” I again went down from 10 to 15 in a matter of minutes. Did I just happen to hit some reindexing time or is Google really that dynamic? Google is good, but can they be that good?

Ack! In the time to verify I set up my hyperlinks correctly, “andrej” just went from 15 up to 6. What the heck? In any event for my ultimate goal, to get into the top ten results for “technology.” Sorry, got delirious there for a minute. 🙂


2 Comments on “Fascinating captain”

  1. Maybe you were bouncing between weblab treatments?

  2. jana says:

    Hey, I read that Google constantly changes how they rank results so that people (like you) can’t figure it out to manipulate their system.
    I’m on page 2 of results for “jana.” wheee whooo.