Undercover Marketing

Interesting story I caught on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago on a new marketing trend – – undercover marketing. Apparently now marketers are employing hip and happening 20 somethings to infiltrate regular public spaces (like coffee shops), call attention to themselves in some way to market a product. The trick is not to let people know they’re being marketed to. Imagine checking out a friends new iPod. “Wow, that’s really cool.” Marketers now want to manufacturer this. Evil. The example given in the piece showed some hip guys playing a video game in a coffee shop on their lap top with this joystick type glove. Who ever wandered on over to check it out would get to demo the glove and hopefully will buy or start word of mouth. Seems like marketers have taken the notion of mavens to heart from the Tipping Point. Calgon, take me away!