Just caught some news that Sony will be launching their PSX home entertainment system sometime next year in Japan. Though no details for US launch. Playstation II, TiVo type PVR recording, DVD player (progressive scan), DVD-R & DVD-RW burning, CD-ripping, 100Mbps ethernet for online gaming, download content (movie trailers), share photos, 160/250GB hard drive all rolled up into one cool package. Pretty impressive. The very simplistic user interface looks interesting too.
I’ve been waiting to see what would be next from TiVo. They’ve made some advances in sharing music and photos in their series II player. But nothing to really push a serious upgrade drive. Now DVD-R integrated into the player along with games (like a Playstation II) could be the features that cause PVRs (personal video recorders) to take off from early adopter stage to mass market.
I think Sony has a winner here. If their TV recording capability is as strong as TiVo’s, I could see myself buying one.