Google takes first personalization step

Google is messing around with a new feature that cookie’s searchers and place one of two messages on their search page. As noted in the New York Times:

…a select few now have a no-frills counter that with each search clicks higher, noting “You have done 479 searches…”

“…If the number contains more than three digits,” the counter notes, “you truly are a Google frequent searcher.”

Seems minor but it reminds me of the simple greeting by name that Amazon customers receive. When someone remembers your name, you feel like you have some type of relationship with that person. Same goes for the virtual world.
My interpretation of what Google is doing here is taking their first baby steps in personalization. They may not know my name yet, but by knowing how many searches I’m making, they are starting to get to know me. They may also in the future be able to help provide me a better search experience with this information. I’m sure there are more things to come with their recent acquisition of a personalization search firm. Smart moves.


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