The Blogging Iceberg

Some interesting stats about blogging by Perseus:

…teenagers have created the majority of blogs. Blogs are currently the province of the young, with 92.4% of blogs created by people under the age of 30.

Based on the rapid growth rate demonstrated by the leading services, we expect the number of hosted blogs created to exceed five million by the end of 2003 and to exceed ten million by the end of 2004.

Below the water line are the literally millions of blogs that are rarely pointed to by others, since they are only of interest to the family, friends, fellow students and co-workers

Blogging is many things, yet the typical blog is written by a teenage girl who uses it twice a month to update her friends and classmates on happenings in her life.

Humbling being as advanced as a teenager! But interesting stats about blogs nevertheless. However, the study doesn’t really reveal the phenomenon of this new platform. Any discussion of RSS was left out. While not directly related to blogging, many hardcore bloggers do subscribe to multiple RSS feeds.

What the blogging world translates to me right now is it’s all about keeping up-to-date: up-to-day on friends, coworkers, news and what people around the Net are thinking about (the blogosphere). Probably my favorite news source right now is blogdex. I read about things here before they appear in newspapers or the standard news.

So, while there are few blogs that receive a ton of traffic (the tip of the ice berg). You could argue the same about static HTML sites. The difference is that static sites don’t announce themselves to the world. They stay largely hidden. Syndication is the real powerful concept about blogging. The question then becomes, what’s the “Cross the Chasm” event to get it to the mainstream? I’ll post some more thoughts on what might be next (from a mass consumer standpoint soon).


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    Everybody has a blog, these days. I work in an office with eight other people. Four of them are active bloggers. They tell me there’s power in the blogosphere, and I believe it. What I don’t believe, or rather don’t…

  2. Blogs are NOT a killer app.

    I was driving in to work this morning, listening to KUOW’s weekday (because I don’t have a car-Tivo for Morning Edition). They were talking about new words just added to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. They’ve added words like cack-handed and “killer…

  3. If This is the Tip of the Iceberg, Are We Headed for a Catastrophe of Titanic Proportions?

    Andrej discusses a recent study on blog usage. This study concludes that most blogs are small, little seen, and quickly abandoned. Is the implication that blogs are somehow not that important? There seem to be some funny math going on