Weblogs, Inc.

I’m sure this idea has been discussed many times in the blogging world. But it’s new to me.

Spotted at note about Weblogs.com, a new startup, in blogdex this morning. They don’t really have anything up on their site other than their mission. In a phrase, “participatory journalism.” Imagine if you will the New York Times as a blog. Rather than journalism being a one way affair, it could be so much more rich if it were published as a blog. It would allow for discussions, immediate corrections for incorrect facts, linking to other sites within articles, auto ranking of top read articles, etc.

It’s still unclear how they plan to make money or exactly what their online publication will look like (the blogdex note suggested maybe it will be kind of like About.com). But at a meta level, professional journalists posting their stories as blogs and major newspapers and journals becoming blog publishers certainly does sound pretty cool to me.


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  1. Erik Benson says:

    Nick Denton (who put together two money-making weblogs: http://gizmodo.com and http://gawker.com) posted some interesting thoughts about this new company here: