Friendster gets some cash

A bunch of coworkers mess around on Friendster. I have yet to go there but checking up on VentureBlog, I just noticed a note about a rumor that Friendster is getting some cash (about $10M) from Benchmark and Kleiner Perkins. Anything that is growing at 20% per week is eventually going to catch VC eyes.

Social networks. This is a new term for me. Seems to be focused at people making connections versus community systems which are about grouping people based on some common affinity. I seem to be a minority (in my circle) for lack of interest in friendster–doesn’t excite me at all. Kind of reminds me of reality tv (which has never interested me). However, blogs are a form of social networking and is fascinating me more and more every day I get into it.

Every week my list of blogs to watch keeps growing. It’s really a way to stay connected with people who write about topics and interests that I care about. With my trusty news reader, I can keep up on a huge amount of blogging and RSS feed activity.

When I use the term “blog” in a sentence, I mostly get blank stares these days. I have a feeling that’s going to change.