Finally, a focus

What in the world should I blog? I’ve been reading several blogs from my coworkers over the past month or so trying to get an idea for what I should do. Content is really all over the spectrum. I thought for a while, maybe I’ll do a public service blog? I thought I’d provide the “Andrej Take” of the Apple Computer universe for a given week. Although I may still do something like this, I’ve been told that one should blog something that you will find useful. Hmm, what to do? Then it came to me (in an overloaded state of stress at the office).

When I was in grad school, I was “the technology” guy in my class (or at least one of them :-). I was pretty plugged into what was going on in technology (mostly from the perspective of the software industry). I worked for one of the first companies to make money from the Internet (SPRY, Internet In A Box) and played around with Java programming before most knew it even existed. Given I was an MBA student at the time, I was also plugged into the newest in management thinking. Times were intellectually stimulating and exciting.

Fast forward seven years. I still work in the Internet industry (Amazon) and on some of the most cutting edge technology around (personalization). But I’ve just realized I no longer keep up with what’s hot. A co-worker effectively beat me over the head to start a blog (and I thank him for that :-). But that’s not the way things should be. I’ve also completely become unplugged from new management thinking and cutting edge software development processes.

So, that’s what my first blog will be about. “Musing on technology.” I want to get plugged back into new thinking related to the technology world and keep a record of it. Never know when I might need that info. for work or maybe a new startup.

Feel’s good to be thinking again.


One Comment on “Finally, a focus”

  1. Erik Benson says:

    Excellent! I thought there’d be a good chance of you posting something during your vacation, and this direction sounds interesting. Looking forward to more.